raised flooris a modular system of elements designed for the interior and exterior floors of a building. This very effective technology makes it possible to create an uninterrupted technical space below the surface of the floor to accommodate various types of cables: electricity, plumbing, telephone and data transmission networks, climate control and security.

Thanks to its experience in this field, Linofleks offers high performance raised floor solutions with both resistance, durability and high aesthetic content.

raised floor systems It offers many important benefits in terms of functionality and appearance:

  • Quick installation, in a new building or a renovation; the floor is immediately ready for use.
  • Providing flexibility in the distribution and location of services with easy access for subsequent audits and changes.
  • Low cost in relation to life cycle area measure.
  • Design flexibility and the possibility to change the original design even during installation.
  • Integration with other finishing techniques such as partition walls and suspended ceilings.
  • Potential for customization, both in the choice of coating material, its color and the possibility of creating images, logos and decorative patterns or inserts using different materials.
  • Availability of a wide range of accessories for customizing floors.
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